Community ticket

We have a portion of tickets initially reserved for Aragon community members, those who have supported and helped us get to this point in time that we can make AraCon a reality.

Not sure whether you’re qualified for a Community ticket? These are the criteria:

  • You have contributed to the development of the Aragon Project
  • You’re actively participating in discussions on our official community chats ( &
  • You have contributed in the creation of at least one Aragon Monthly issue
  • You organized an Aragon meetup or a similar event for the Aragon community, or presented Aragon at an external event
  • You’re building an Aragon app
  • You’re using Aragon to build your own DAO

If you meet one of the criteria above, please email us with the proof at [email protected] and we will send you a registration link for a Community ticket.

General Admission - €150

If you are not a member of the Aragon community yet, we are excited to meet you soon. To get your ticket, please register below!